Another year another site, what can i say, i love my job lol. Well, some of you out there may be thinking, why is this fool creating another blow job site, well, there are a few answers to that question, the first being, because I can lol, the second and most important reason is because  this is not just any blow job site, this is a blow job site that features 2 or more girls giving head at the same damn time lol. What other sites are doing that?? See porn is not always about re inventing the wheel, sometime's its just about being consistent , and doing the things other's arent doing! And that's where BLOWGIRLS.NET comes into play.

    My entire mission in doing this porn thing was to bring real shit to the net , real every day women, getting there fuck on, and dudes from the hood getting there shit off. Since March 2009 , i have been on line, and i have been bringing that real amateur material just like i promised, and during that time i have seen alot of sites come and go,because either they weren't serious about it, they tried to do something someone else was doing, they got frustrated and just gave up, there are many reasons for there failure, but i think i have stayed around because i always keep something new going on, and because i have a passion for this, and it's not just about the money.  So with all that shit being said, continue to fuck with me and the sites.